vineri, 26 februarie 2010

Nicen Sleazy (English version)

Who is taking the photos for your blog and why did you chose the disappearance of the head / replacing it with a mask? Any movie that inspired you when you for this concept?

The photos are made / edited by me. There is no concept behind, I tried to make them look ok and to capture attention. Inspiration comes from the large amount of photos I see daily on the internet.

What expertise do you have for "vintage fashion"? How do you make your research for your clothes? What type of clothes do you sell?

Almost all clothes are the ones I would like to wear. In any city I go visit, I must enetr in SH / vintage / charity shops etc.
I hope to bring the coolest clothes and have new collaborations and for t-shirts. I have no expertise in fashion whatsoever.

What do you think on vintage/ SH blogs in Romania, starting on how they look like, until what is sold.

There are many and I do not know them all because they generally do not have clothes for boys and I was not interested in them, but I like
DTD and tzoalemisto. Recently this blog made me laugh as you can find everyting: panties, the Holy Scriptures, cameras and cosmetics.
We still have a problem with girls that sell earrings in the shape of cute bugs, flowers, etc.. or feathered wreaths, hats or other 'fantasies'. They are kitch. I have the same problem with those who think that everything can be found in their grandparents wardrobe, brought by default at the fair/ put on the blog. We all know that most of the clothes worn by our parents/ grandparents were uniforms, the stores offer was very limited and most taylors knew few models, inspired by Neckermann catalogues. Moreover grandparents lived among statutes and Persian carpets and there are huge chances that they were mainstreamers tasteless bitches. There are exceptions of course but I speak for the majority.

Any difference between vintage and SH?

In Romania there are still old believes that say it is disgrace to weae SH and if you say vintage ... is something, people are more excited of, maybe Mircea Badea would wear vintage. So the vintage term is used everywhere and in most cases needlessly. At all the fairs we have sh, vintage and handmade and only a maximum of 20% is actually vintage.

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