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Intrebari simple, raspunsuri simple

Andreea Constantin de la Sincolors

Sunt hainele vintage, verzi?

Hainele vintage sunt de fapt haine vechi cu o anumita valoare, si bineinteles de preferat sa fie din materiale de calitate si cusute de oameni valorosi sau renumiti. De exemplu, obiectele sunt considerate vintage daca provin din anii 1830 - 1930. Hainele trebuie sa aiba un stil ce provine din anii 30, 40, 50. Se spune ca orice haina ce are cel mult 15 ani vechime este contemporana de fapt.

Vad bucurestencele vreo diferenta intre retro, vintage si handmade?

Intre retro, vintage si handmade este o mare diferenta. Hainele ce provin din anii 60-70 sunt considerate mai degraba retro sau funky decat vintage iar handmade cred ca stie toata lumea ce inseamna.

Ce lipseste unui targ de vintage, dar nu si unui targ de hand made?
Unui targ vintage nu ar trebui sa-i lipseasca, pe langa hainele vintage, obiecte si bijuterii de colectie dar si atmosfera special pregatita.

Simple questions, simple answers
Are vintage clothes green?

Vintage clothes are really old clothes with a certain value and of course they are preferably made of quality materials and sewn by valuable or famous people. For example, objects are considered vintage if they come from 1830 untill 1930. Clothes should have a style that comes from years 30, 40, 50. They say that any clothing that has more than 15 years old is actually contemporary.

Do girls from Bucharest see a difference between retro, vintage and handmade?

There is a bi difference between retro, vintage and handmade. Clothes coming 60'&70'are considered rather retro or funky vintage and I think everyone knows what handmade means.

What vintage fairs are missing but hand made fairs don't?

A vintage fair should have besides vintage clothes, objects and jewelry collection as well as specially crafted atmosphere.

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